Mood film ALLEA congress 2019 l Science and Society in Present Day Europe


Mood film from ALLEA congress 2019

This mood film contains the footage of the ETH spin-off seervision and its autonomous camera, who were part of the event in Bern on 8 and 9 May 2019. Panel discussions, interactive sessions and special moments marked the 25th anniversary of the All European Academies (ALLEA) with delegates of 60 Academies from 40 European countries.
The following mood film takes us back to the multi-faceted event, where critical inputs were also made within short interviews. The highlights are summarised in a short video.

Enjoy the video!

Project Manager: Karin Spycher
Interviews: Tania Jenkins/Claudia Appenzeller
Production: Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences
Film: seervision ag / dreicast gmbh

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