Theory of Partial Differential Equations

Luigi Ambrosio

The theory of partial differential equations is a fascinating subject of modern mathematics with numerous applications in ranging from physics to economics, from fluid dynamics to meteorology. Prof. Ambrosio revolutionized this area of mathematics by introducing several novel concepts and solving long-standing open problems in this research area. Due to his results, we have today a much better understanding of the theory of non-linear partial differential equations, including existence and regularity results of free boundary value problems and applications to calculus of variations.

The work of Prof. Ambrosio has a multitude of applications ranging from the descriptions of the chaotic motions observed in fluids, to characterizations of the equilibrium states of gases and to optimal mass transportation. Ambrosio’s work established unexpected connections between his core area of research: partial differential equations and other research areas such as geometric measure theory, calculus of variations and infinite dimensional optimization. During his career, Luigi Ambrosio built up at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa a veritable school of mathematical analysis by mentoring a number of extremely talented young mathematicians who are themselves world leaders in mathematical research.

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