Sustainable Health Care System

During the last decades, the health system in our country strongly expanded: the numbers of medical doctors, carers and others active in this area have increased strikingly. In addition, a variety of technical and pharmacological developments have contributed to a considerable improvement of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of many diseases and ailments.
The resulting health system is therefore most successful. At the same time, the personal and financial resources deployed are so high that Switzerland will barely be in a position to maintain them in the long-term.

Is the deployment of all these means justified?

Medicine very often employs «everything» to treat patients – even though it is uncertain for many of the diagnostic and therapeutic treatments available today whether they are effective, appropriate and economic in a given situation, such as decreed by law.
It is apparent already today that this «maximum medicine» is stretched to its limits, both economically and ethically. In order to asses where adaptations are useful and possible, it would be important to know the benefit or the «value» of medical performances.

The project «Sustainable Health Care System»

In this situation, the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences have launched the project «Sustainable Health Care System» in 2011, which comprises the following four sub-projects:
  1. The study «Methods to determine the benefit and value of medical performances and their application in Switzerland and selected European countries». The study was done on behalf of the Swiss Academies by PD Dr Matthias Schwenkglenks and Dr Florian Gutzwiller from the Institute of Pharmaceutical Medicine at the University of Basel. The study was presented on 29 March 2012 during a public conference in Berne (see below).
    Download of the study (in German with a foreword and a summary in English) (7 MB)
  2. The position paper «Sustainable Medicine» by an expert group of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS) identifies factors affecting the sustainability of medicine and proposes measures for the development of a sustainable medicine.
    Download of the position paper (in German) (2 MB)
  3. A «publifocus» by the Swiss Centre for Technology Assessment (TA-SWISS) on the topic «Benefit and value of medical treatments». The publifocus was presented during a press conference on 29 November 2012 and is available for download on the following webpage:
  4. The study «Efficiency, utilisation and financing of the Swiss health care system». The study was presented on 4 December 2012 during a public conference in Berne (see below).
    Download of the study (in German with a summary in English) (2.5 MB)

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