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Die Schweiz verfügt heute über 20 Pärke oder Parkprojekte. Aufgrund ihres besonderen Status gewinnen die Pärke von nationaler Bedeutung eine erhöhte Bedeutung als Referenz- und Präferenzgebiete für die vergleichende Forschung in Themenbereichen, die von nationalem Interesse, aber auch international eingebunden sind. Die Koordination Parkforschung Schweiz hat zum Ziel, die Pärke von nationaler Bedeutung und weitere Schutzgebiete (z.B. Welterbegebiete) im Bereich der Forschung zu unterstützen und deren Zusammenarbeit bei übergeordneten Themen zu begleiten.

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Schweizerischer Nationalpark

Alpine research

With the focus "Alpine research", the SAHS wants promote the research both in and on the alps and mountainous regions. This is based on the realisation that the alps as a region with highly specific geographic and physical conditions display equally specific social and cultural characteristics, which require specific solutions and strategic concepts. In order to prepare effective solutions, aspects from the natural as well as social and cultural sciences need to be taken into account. Alpine research therefore represents an extraordinarily interdisciplinary research domain.

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A nationally co-ordinated spatial planning for the expansion of renewable energies

The expansion of renewable energies aspired for needs to be connected to spatial planning. This way, further urban sprawl and an escalation of technical installations in the free landscape can be prevented. A national planning of preferential and connected areas can facilitate the use of energy in suitable areas on the one hand, and allows preserving natural and landscape assets especially worthy of protection. With its new study, the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences support important elements of the Federal Council’s energy strategy.

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Living in the metropolis Switzerland

How can the quality of life be planned and ensured in a habitat, which has undergone more rapid transformation than the political steering tools during the last few years? How can this process be guided democratically? How can livable living and recreational spaces be maintained in urban centres, agglomerations and in the rural area? These questions are addressed from four directions, but always with a view on quality of live in the habitat Switzerland: urban and rural area, transport and spatial development, sustainability and aesthetics, tools and implementation.

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